Maintenance Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take greater responsibility for maintaining their vehicles correctly to ensure they maintain the vehicles to the manufacturer’s recommendations or better. This will assist you to manage your business assets more efficiently. Having clear procedures in place to ensure that your trucks and trailers are periodically maintained and also reducing the risk of penalties for unroadworthy equipment. Improved maintenance means fewer delays caused by breakdowns and will also lead to improved road safety.

The benefits to operators include:

  • productivity and efficiency improvements due to fewer breakdowns or mechanical faults.
  • correct maintenance of your vehicles at all times with consequent savings minimising likelihood of major repairs
  • prolonged vehicle life
  • increased customer confidence with better maintained vehicles
  • better driver confidence
  • reduced impact of enforcement
  • better relationships with enforcement agencies

Benefits to the community include better and more consistent compliance with road safety standards.
As an accredited operator under Maintenance Management, you are required to know that your vehicles are maintained in good working mechanical order at all times with faults being noted, diagnosed and fixed whenever they occur. Accurate records of your maintenance procedures are required to be created and maintained as evidence that correct maintenance of your vehicles is taking place. How you create and monitor these records as evidence is at your own discretion.

For example, you could use the service record book in each vehicle signed by the service dealer or your own workshop records combined with dated stickers of last service/inspection details attached to the vehicles’ windscreens. It is necessary to document your system you intend to follow and explain how it works. This will be your Maintenance Management System.

You are required to have documents that prove your procedures work and your vehicles are properly maintained with faults observed, recorded and repaired as necessary to maintain accreditation. Essentially, this means that your vehicle servicing and repair records are current and retained and you must support this by demonstrating that you have followed your written procedures.

Your Maintenance Management System must comply with the performance standards outlined in the Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme: Business Rules and Standards. As an accredited operator enrolled in Maintenance Management, you will be audited periodically by an independent auditor to ensure that you are continuing to meet the standards of the scheme. If your audit is successful, your accreditation will be renewed. Alternatively, you may be asked to improve your system before renewal of your accreditation.

Accreditation does not exempt you from the law. You can be audited at any time with your vehicles subject to on-road checks to ensure conformance to the performance standards. Maintenance Management Accreditation will ensure you receive preferential treatment from enforcement agencies as you will be subject to fewer on-road checks. In the instance of undergoing a random check, your vehicle will be dealt with as quickly as possible. The Maintenance Management Accreditation stickers on your vehicle will identify this to inspectors.

In effect, having Elite Compliance Consulting (ECC) implement a Maintenance Management system into your business you will receive the following from our Maintenance Management System Manual:
Maintenance Monthly Compliance Reports
Training Needs Analysis & Register
Training & Medical Record Forms
Vehicle Resources Register
Maintenance Annual Internal Review Forms
Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) for Vehicle Maintenance (specific to your business/operation)
Non Conformance Forms and Non Conformance Register
Vehicle & Configuration Register
Accident, Incident & Near Miss Report Form
Incident Investigation Report form
Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) for Vehicle Inspection & Fault Reporting (specific to your business/operation)
Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) for Vehicle Breakdown (specific to your business/operation)
Truck Service and Trailer Service Forms
Table of Tolerances
Service Scheduling Register forms

Alternatively if you already have a Maintenance Management Accreditation implemented into your business/operation and want to use our forms and documentation. You are able to purchase our full suite of Maintenance Management forms. Click here.

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